Android Application


  • Written in Java language
  • They are compiled to Android’s own bytecode format, Dalvik executable(DEX)
  • Doesn’t have a single entry-point, such as the main method in Java
  • Four components
    • Activities: visible parts of an application
    • Services: run in the background and are not interacting with the user directly, used for long running background such as mp3 playback
    • Broadcast receivers: react to global events, such as incoming calls or text messages
    • Content providers: implement domain-specific databases for, e.g. contacts
  • onCreate(): gets called when the activity is launched for the first time
  • Android Emulator: virtual mobile device that runs on a computer and is similar to a real device.
  • Android API calls
    • Log.i(String tag, String msg):
      • Static methods which writes an info messages to the log
      • The log can be browed using the tool LogCat
    • findViewById(int id)
      • returns references to GUI objects

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