Android File Components


  • Describes what the application is about
  • activities
  • Android studio auto save the contents to here
  • Best place to check what’s going on the appManifest

Gradle file (Module)

  • Defines build dependencies , configurations


  • minSdkVersion:
    • minimum version of android which can use this app
    • 18 and below cannot use this app
  • targetSdkVersion:
    • highest version of android which can use this app
  • versionCode:
    • version of the app
    • 1,2,3,4
  • versionName:
    • you can name version name on your own
    • 1.0.2 or 2.34


  • Can have images which will be linked with android code
  • ldpi – low resolution
  • mdpi – middle resolution
  • hdpi – high resolution


Layout Directory

  • Contains layout files for the android project


Menu Directory

  • Holds the menu layout files for use in android project


Value Directory

  • Each file contains each list of simple values that we can use for the application

Value1 Value2


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