MySQL Basic Queries


Do not ever use lowercase letter for query

  • It works, but it is hard to read

Space, enter doesn’t affect to query

  • You can use one query per line if you want.


SELECT names
FROM customers


SELECT name FROM customers

  • Gets name column from customers table

SELECT name,zip FROM customers

  • Gets name and zip columns from customers table
  • You can get multiple columns by using commas

SELECT * FROM customers

  • Gets all columns from customers table

SELECT DISTINCT state FROM customers

  • Gets only one time for same value(No duplicate)

SELECT id, name FROM customers LIMIT 5

  • Gets first 5 items

SELECT id, name FROM customers LIMIT 5,10

  • From 5 , gets 10 items
  • First 5 is just as index, so it starts from 0
  • In here, you will start getting from 6th item

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