vi Find & Replace





  • [%]
    • All lines in the file.
  • [1,30]
    • line 1 to 30
  • [5,$]
    • line 5 to last line


  • This can be plain text and also regular expression. Combining regular expression and this command, replacing words in vi, will be powerful.
  • \<pattern\>
    • This will get the exact match, not all contained word.
This is his bag

: %s/his/her/g
=> Ther is her bag

Above command changes This also because it contains “his”.

This is his bag

: %s/\<his\>/her/g
=> This is her bag



  • [C]
    • Confirm each substitution
  • [g]
    • Replace all occurrence in the line
    • If you don’t put, default is just replacing first occurrence.
  • [i]
    • Ignore case for the pattern


  • Do substitution in N lines from the current position of the cursor
 :s/hi/hello/g 4 

This means change all hi to hello in 4 lines from current line.


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