Bandwidth and Frequency


Bandwidth (bps – bits per second)

  • Amount of data that can be transmitted in per unit time.
  • Difference between highest frequency and lowest frequency (bandwidth = high – low)

Frequency (Hertz)

  • Number of complete cycles per second.
    • ex) 60Hz = 60 cycles per second


  • Low Frequency Wave
    • There are many frequencies already being used by other appliances such as microwave ovens(causes interferences).
    • Small bandwidth: There is no much space not being used around it.
    • Too crowded these days.
    • Covers farther distance
    • Low speed
    • ex) Wifi (2.4GHz or 5 GHz)
  • High Frequency Wave
    • Large bandwidth: There is a lot of space not being used around it.
    • Covers short distance
    • High speed
    • ex) Millimeter Wave (60GHz)


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