Date Archives September 29, 2017

Multi Core vs. Hyper-threading


Multi Core

  • Provides multiple cores in CPU.
  • Dual-core can run two different processes at a time. (quad-core = 4 cores = 4 processes at a time)



  • Make one physical processing unit to two logical processing units.
  • Little bit of cheat to make it looks like two different processing unit.
  • Keep switching between two tasks, but actually one at a time.
  • Even though divided logically, CPU with hyper-threading performs better than CPU without hyper-threading.



  • i5: 4 cores without hyper-threading => 4 processing units
  • i7: 4 cores with hyper-threading => 8 processing units(logically)




Diagrams are from UB CSE421 lecture slides (Professor: Karthik Dantu)