compileSdkVersion, minSdkVersion, and targetSdkVersion

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  • can choose which version of Android SDK to compile the app with
  • strongly recommended to compile with latest SDK (the app can use latest API)
  • this compile SDK will not be included in the app.
  • If using support library, the version should be matched with this compileSdkVersion.



  • lower bound of your app (minimum version of user devices the app can be installed).
  • Google Play Store uses to determine which devices the app can be installed on.
  • If using support libraries, it should be higher than the version of the support libraries.
    • On July 2017, minSdkVersion of all support libraries were increased to 14.
  • Check DashBoard to see current distribution of all Android versions.



  • Indicates which Android version the app designed for.
  • Informs that developer tested the app against target SDK version.
  • If target SDK version is lower than running API version, system enables compatible behaviors to maintain the app’s forward compatibility.



compileSdkVersion = targetSdkVersion = latest Android Version

  • so that the app can work on latest Android version devices.

Recommend to check latest SDK and update the app

  • Set targetSdkversion and compileSdkVersion to latest version.
  • In that way, you can check if there will be any error when running the app on newer version.
  • You don’t need to use any new features of newer versions.

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