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Methodology: Qualitative vs. Quantitative


These two terms can be used as research methods.


  • used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations
  • provides insights into the problem or helps to develop ideas or hypotheses


  • used to quantify the problem by generating numerical data
  • uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research.
  • much more structured than qualitative.


How above methodologies can be applied in research project:

  1. Formulating hypotheses (Qualitative) – Can initiate a research by discovering the problems or opportunities people are thinking.
  2. Validating your hypotheses (Quantitative) – Can get numbers to apply statical analysis for validating hypotheses.
  3. Finding general answers (Quantitative) – Helps to get definite answers for broad questions.
  4. Incorporating the human element (Qualitative) – People’s own words can help to uncover blind spots.