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Change file system format: Fat32 -> NTFS

Follow the below steps to change file system format of SD card from Fat32 to NTFS on Linux.


1. Check SD card from file system:

$ fdisk -l

2. Unmount the SD card:

$ umount /dev/sdh1

3. Wipe the file system of SD card:

$ sudo wipefs -a /dev/sdh1

$ sudo wipefs -a /dev/sdh

4. Wipe mbr and gpt:

$ gdisk /dev/sdh

Then, type x –>  z

5. Zero the first megabytes:

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdh bs=4M count=10

6. Create new partitions:

$ gdisk /dev/sdh

Then, type n –> ENTER –> ENTER –> ENTER –> 0700 for type 0x0700 (Microsoft basic data) –> w to write to disk

7. Then, format it to NTFS:

$ mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sdh1

8. Done 🙂