Automated hand model (Nov `15)


This Automated Hand Model was made for embedded system course’s term project. It can be implemented to handicapped people. This model is so simple, but this can be implemented in many ways. For example, this automated hand model has 4 buttons that are saved with certain movements. So, handicapped people can use this as a real hand by wearing this and pressing the buttons. Also, if people try to hold hand with this, it can automatically detect the hand, and it will hold their hands after detection.


Components Used



  • 1 Arduino Uno
  • 4 Switch buttons
  • 7 Servos
  • 1 Light dependence resistor
  • 1 Wooden hand
  • Fishing line
  • Black elastic cord
  • Hook screws



Components combined

  • On a back of each finger, there is a black elastic cord which can pull the finger when there is no movement. There are hook screws on finger knuckles, and I connected the servo with each finger with fishing line.
  • There are four buttons are on the Arduino. This automated hand waits for the buttons to be pressed. Each button has certain saved movements. By pressing the each button will make the hand fingers to move.
  • Also there is a light dependence resistor which can detect the light changes. If people put their hand on this model, the resistor will detect that the light is dimmed, and it will perform saved movement which is holding hand by bending fingers.


State & Circuit Diagrams

Combined Diagrams

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