Mocket App (Summer `18)

Mocket is an android application helping users to memorize words. Please visit Github for source code.

Total code implementation: Java files > 5,000 LoC, XML files > 12,000 LoC

Unique Features

  • Unique testing system helping users to memorize words in lifetime.
  • Supports built in dictionary. Users can lookup words and directly add to memory list.
  • Keeps bothering users to finish daily test. (the duration can be configurable).
  • Supports a fun card game(the words get selected randomly from memory list).
  • Shows a graph that contains statics of memory, game, and test.


Logic of Lifetime Memory

According to Ebbinghaus’s forget curve, people get a stronger memory when they are able to recall it longer period of time.

So, Mocket gives tests in certain periods.


As shown on above picture, it gives tests everyday for first three days. After that, the period gets longer, and this helps users to memorize words for lifetime.


Third Party Libraries Used


Layout – Login

Layout Login (1)

  • Used Firebase Realtime Database.
  • It stores encrypted passwords.
  • After signup, email verification should be done to login.
  • When forgot password, users can send password reset link to their emails.

Layout – Profile

Layout Profile

  • On settings, users can set time duration for daily test notification and switch of vibration.
  • Users can edit their profile, logout, or completely delete their account.


Layout – Memory

Layout Memory (1)

  • When adding words, users can lookup on built in dictionary.
  • Supports pronunciation feature.
  • Today’s memory list has all words added on that day.
  • Users can have a quiz for today’s memorized words.

Layout – Graph

Layout Graph (2)

  • A graph shows statistics about number of memorized words, number of words tested, number of correct-and-incorrect counts in game.
  • There are three time period options(weekly, monthly, and yearly)
  • Under the graph, there is a list of all the words that a user memorized.


Layout – Daily Test and Game

This screen has two fun features, daily test and game.

Layout Game

Daily Test (2nd & 3rd screenshots)

  • For certain period mentioned earlier, all the words, which should be tested today, will be shown on the cards.
  • After guessing a definition of the shown word, users flip the card.
    • Confused emoticon: keep it in the iteration.
    • Confidence emoticon: remove the word from the iteration.
  • It iterates until no word left.


Game (4th & 5th screenshots)

  • For each word, 4 random definitions will appear.
  • Users choose a definition from the 4 options.
  • Correct and incorrect count will be shown on upper right.